Orion: lun_init_reqs failed on AIX

From: Tornblad, John <JTornblad_at_emdeon.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2012 14:25:38 -0600
Message-ID: <0EC8AF65BC8E9A4E9C4EB86F1882C96E05390AEF_at_ZBNAAEEX052.na.webmd.net>

Google and metalink have let me down... running Orion on AIX 6.1 and seeing the error below. Desperate to find out any sources for further information. Jarring to put in "lun_init_reqs" and get NO hits in a search engine!


  $ORACLE_HOME/bin/orion -testname test1 -run advanced -matrix col
-num_small 0 -write 0 -type seq -num_streamIO 4 -cache_size 348000

  ORION: ORacle IO Numbers -- Version   test1_20121116_1414
  Calibration will take approximately 10 minutes.   Using a large value for -cache_size may take longer.

  Name: /dev/rhdiskpower2 Size: 78383153152   1 files found.


  Warming read cache
  Internal error: Invalid iobuf ptr (lun_init_reqs)   rwbase_lio_init_req: lun_init_reqs failed num=2, size=1048576, mxsize=0
  rwbase_rwluns: rwbase_lio_init_req failed   Warning: failed to warm cache. Continuing calibration. (orion_warm_cache:rwwc)

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