RE: Disk IO 100% busy - SAN issue?

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We probably need the storage type.

For example we have a similar issue with AIX going to a new EMC VMAX 20K.

The monitoring for that is very hard because it uses hdiskpower adapters between the host and the storage - so the "disks" only show up through the hdiskpower IO adapters on fscsi 1,2,3, and 4 (4 io adapters).

The "disks" (hdisk01, hdisk02, hdisk03) in this case are really luns of many,many devices at EMC layer and the EMC layer uses Fast Virtual Provisioning from SATA (lower tier) to Fiber (middle tier) to SSD (upper tier).

So it would be good to provide an update:

  • Number of IO adapters and type
  • LUNs present at the host
  • LUN configuration at the storage
  • Fast VP enabled or no? Is all storage the same? SSDs, SATA or what?
  • Storage Vendor and Make/Model

Just off the top of my head here.


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I would appreciate any feedback from storage experts on my post SAN Insanity.

Thanks Michael.


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