RE: Inability to reliably monitor long-running parallel queries

From: Tornblad, John <>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2012 16:10:19 -0600
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Grin, Mark.

FYI for future readers of this thread... we are requesting an "enhancement request" for SQL Monitoring to *somehow* be able to continue monitoring parallel queries without marking them as "DONE (ERROR)" even though they are still active.

MMON's overly aggressive attack (IMHO) on sessions (parallel servers in this case) which are idle for more than 30 minutes without regard to other concurrent parallel servers still working on the same query under the same QC seems Just Plain Wrong. To recap: SQL Monitoring for a parallel query may or may not work past 30 minutes, even if all your _sqlmon_* parameters are great, just depends on amount / distribution of work on the parallel servers... if any of them sit around for more than 30 minutes, kaboom as far as monitoring is concerned.

Grass roots movement alert! Please chime in to Oracle that you are in favor of an "enhancement" that allows SQL Monitor to continue monitoring your long running parallel queries if you have noticed this problem yourself. We've been told that this "enhancement request" will get attention only if more customers also proclaim "The software, it no worky!" (google this phrase for an image of my favorite Dilbert strip ever). And I suppose we're the first since no comment was made indicating any other customer had already complained. But, we did pursue this for 5+ months until getting to this point... maybe we just get a point for perseverance.


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| Kafka would be proud. Well, okay, he wouldn't actually be proud, but
| might experience some intellectual amusement that reporting "done with
| error" for a query that is still running and which may in fact
| without error is defined as "not a bug." Damn, I don't see a tuxedo
| disguising this one as a feature!
| mwf

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