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From: TJ Kiernan <>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 10:53:06 -0600
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Just saw something about this last week. I haven't experienced it myself, but this sounds related:

T. J.

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Subject: Unable to open dbconsole webpage

So, there are days I really hate Windows. Windows updates were applied to my dev box. I had a standalone instance setup that was working fine using dbcontrol, using ....1158/em

Post updates, I cannot connect to this anymore. Dbconsole service has been started/stopped/started several times. Oracle_unqname is set.

But, any attempt to go to the URL gets me the lovely error "Internet Explorer cannot display the page".

Part of the updates was the installation of IE9. I uninstalled that and I am back on IE8.

Still searching the net, but I'm coming up blank.

Any ideas of what to check?



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