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From: Stefan Knecht <>
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2012 14:23:54 +0700
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I've worked in Switzerland as well as Germany and I can tell you from experience that germany is VERY german language focussed. They're proud of their language and often simply don't want to communicate in any other language.

Switzerland on the other hand has tons of foreigners (mostly indians) that work in the Oracle area, and almost all don't speak any german whatsoever. Works fine here.

In germany you'll find yourself at a huge advantage - both professionally as well as socially - if you can speak german. Often the people there don't speak english - also due to everything being translated to german ( this goes very far, even socially, that for instance you won't find any english movies in theatres. It's all dubbed ), and Oracle support having a huge german department.  


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On 3 พ.ย. 2555, at 1:01, Guillermo Alan Bort <> wrote:

> Lukas,
> I'll answer your mail to the entire list as I think it opens up a point
> for discussion. While I agree with you that people that manage enterprise
> level software and hardware need to be able to communicate in English, I've
> found (especially in Spain and France) that it isn't always the case.
> Furthermore while for professional intereaction German may not be strictly
> needed. I think speaking german fluently and being able to explain
> technical concepts to non-technical people *in german* may give me an
> advantage over other foreign DBAs applying for the same job. It's all a
> matter of maximizing my changes of landing a good job I can keep for a few
> decades :P
> I'm by far not a developer (unless APEX counts), but I'll give that forum
> a look, thanks!
> Oh, and I won't learn german from pr0n since I already know how to agree
> and I don't intend to invoke a deity (though come to think of it...
> sometimes it might be useful)... and I am pursuing other means of learning
> like musik and reading, but the idea behind this question was to learn
> technical database in general and oracle in particular related vocabulary.
> Thanks everyone for your answers ;-)
> Cheers
> Alan.-
> On Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 11:10 AM, Lukas Lehner <> wrote:

>> There is no German Oracle DBA forum (as far as I know). I only know of a
>> developer forum with a sub section Oracle
>> (
>> Folks who administrate enterprise grade software need to read English
>> manuals, speak English with vendor support and even community based
>> forums. Maybe you have other interests? For example Linux, pr0n,...?
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