Looking for some AIX discussion regarding AIO, CIO, database options, filesystem mount options

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Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 08:20:23 -0500
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I'm new to AIX and I'm a bit confused on the configuration options for filesystems regarding the use of aio, cio. I've been through multiple metalink docs and publib.ibm.com docs but I still feel like I'm missing a key piece of the puzzle.

(I'm not looking for an "answer", I'm looking for how to dig into this - what to look for and how to connect "the dots" so to speak)

Here's what I have 'inherited' and below that, what I'm seeing. Looking for someone with AIX experience to share some ideas/thoughts/suggestions.

AIX 6.1.0
System Model: IBM,9117-MMA
Machine Serial Number: 0699500
Processor Type: PowerPC_POWER6
Processor Implementation Mode: POWER 6
Processor Version: PV_6_Compat
Number Of Processors: 4
Processor Clock Speed: 4208 MHz
CPU Type: 64-bit
Kernel Type: 64-bit
Memory Size: 24576 MB
Good Memory Size: 24576 MB
Platform Firmware level: EM350_038
Firmware Version: IBM,EM350_038

A bunch of "EMC Symmetrix FCP VRAID" devices Storage mount options: jfs2 rw,cio,log=INLINE


It appears our WRITES are slow but reads seem to be okay which makes me think of a misconfiguration in the IO somewhere. I need to boost my IO throughput here (I think) and I think I have a mismatch somewhere regarding database configuration and filesystem configuration.

On my AWR reports I'm seeing:

Also, someone told me in passing that AIX had a hard time reading & writing (simultaneously) to the same filesystem based on some AIX parameters that could be adjusted? Does that ring a bell with anyone?

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