RE: Looking for discussion on using large-ish PGA/SGA for PROD vs DEV/QA

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The PGA portion that has me scratching my head a bit is that a 5G PGA increases the *_area_size parameters (hash_area_size, sort_area_size etc). I was thinking (now I'm wondering if I'm mistaken) that by increasing hash_area_size, Oracle will favor hash joins, but now I'm wondering if that's actually true. I'm thinking maybe it's not and that value only matters when Oracle chooses to apply a hash join?

(The reason I went down this path a little bit was because I was noticing a Nested Loops preference in the other environments and a hash join preference in production. I checked the db parameters and objects and all the objects matched but the sga/pga parameters were significantly different - and the data is different too so it was kind of a rabbit trail really)

I'm with you on examing the SQL and access paths as the primary goal of tuning before tweaking parameters.

Thanks for the input Hans - always appreciated. (Any other thoughts are always welcome)


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If you are having problems with one report in particular, then it's a good idea to get to understand the report and the SQL that is involved.

While SGA adjustments may help, in the case of a single report, I'd be looking at execution paths and PGA first - if there is a lot of sorting (in PGA) or joining (largely in PGA), remembering that PGA uses TEMP tablespace effectively like a kind of swap space may help. And understanding the path should help decide whether indexes are used [appropriately]. As long as you aren't forced into swapping or paging, from a purely reporting stand point an oversized SGA should not hurt much. (It might hurt transactional operations - used to be a problem, but not so much any more.) SO I would put the SGA issue as a lower priority for investigation.

On the other hand, if you experience performance issues across the board or in a lot of different areas, then I'd be looking at 'common' things such as SGA as a higher priority.

Either way, David pointed you to Tanel's excellent script.


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