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From: Sanjay Mishra <>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2012 11:27:01 -0700 (PDT)
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I had two questions and expert suggestion is appreciated

    1. I had 400 Database where 10% has Dataguard and mixture of 10g/11g. Now as per policy SYSTEM password are changed on all environment every 30 days and so there is manual process for Dataguard environment to copy the password file from primary to standby and rename according the SID. I am sure lots of other has same situation and might have deployed some automation and want to get your views to handle such automation like autoamating the password file from primary to standby. Any logic used will be helpful.

    2. I had 10g Primary Standby Setup where Log2 Destination is set LGWR ASYNC and standby Redo log are available on Standby Server but changes are not going realtime to standby server. I had Standby server always in Read only mode except it goes down at the end of each hour to apply all Logs received in the hours and then bring back in READ ONLY MODE. Is that be the reason that changes are not propagated from Primary to Standby Server Standby Redo log files becuase Standby is always in read only mode. I tested with one Test table on Primary and then added a record in it and then put the Standby database from Read only to Refresh mode and after that again open in the Read only mode. Change is not reflected on the Standby Server unless I do manual Log Switch on the Primary and then this log will shipped from primary to Standby and applied. I thought the changes has to go as it is manipulated with LGWR ASYNC and whenever Standby is Refresh in Standby
 mode, it will be there. Does I missing anything or this behaiour is expected due to Database in Read only Mode. AS the database is 10g due to Software certification and so cannot use 11g Active Dataguard feature.


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