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From: Anthony Ballo <>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 13:28:24 -0700
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Thanks Niall I think you touched on something that I have not looked at yet: "or in java or forms" Is there a way to look/check in these places other than doing a "find in files" search on the EBS APPS Server?


From: Niall Litchfield <<>> Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2012 12:31 PM To: Anthony Ballo <<>> Cc: "<>" <<>> Subject: Re: Table use investigation

In EBS the XX prefix is specifically recommended for customisation and so I'd bet actual money you have a customisation that does this, either in an XX Schema or in java or forms. True story (assuming you believe something you read on the internet that retells a personal experience of someone other than the author) - prior to 11i Imperial College London had a set of custom code they'd carefully separated out from apps code. Being diligent they'd used a 3 char schema name nit in use. Being sensible they'd taken ownership of it and since it extended their functionality the ICX schema was born I understand that the upgrade was hell and the guidelines were born.

On Aug 22, 2012 6:04 PM, "Anthony Ballo" <<>> wrote: I have assumed responsibility for a 5 year old running EBS 12 database and came across a mysterious table that has grown to 186m rows. It is created via trigger on a standard EBS (Advanced Pricing) table named: QP.QP_PREQ_LINE_ATTRS_TMP_T. This trigger basically archives the data from this GTT from Advanced Pricing in EBS.

I have searched dba_objects with:
select * from dba_source where upper(text) like '%XXQP_PREQ_LINE_ATTRS_TMP_T%'

  • but the only object returned is the trigger that writes to it.

I have also searched SQL with:

        select SQL_ID from DBA_HIST_SQL_PLAN

  • nothing returned their either.

Since we use Discoverer, I searched:
select * from EUL_US.EUL5_OBJS

And with:

SELECT Obj.Obj_Name,


FROM Eul_Us.Eul5_Segments Seg, Eul_Us.Eul5_Objs Obj WHERE Seg.Seg_Seg_Type = 5
AND Seg.Seg_Cuo_Id = Obj.Obj_Id
AND ( upper(Seg.Seg_Chunk1) LIKE '%XXQP_PREQ_LINE_ATTRS_TMP_T%'
OR upper(Seg.Seg_Chunk2) LIKE '%XXQP_PREQ_LINE_ATTRS_TMP_T%'
OR upper(Seg.Seg_Chunk3) LIKE '%XXQP_PREQ_LINE_ATTRS_TMP_T%'
OR upper(Seg.Seg_Chunk4) LIKE '%XXQP_PREQ_LINE_ATTRS_TMP_T%')
ORDER BY Obj.Obj_Id, Seg.Seg_Sequence;
  • both return nothing also.

Another observation: Since there are no indexes on this table, I wonder what really could be using this table as any reads would require a very long full table scan (FTS) of 186m rows?

Is there any other place I can look to see? I was thinking that we have a customization to Advanced Pricing and I was going to check code on the EBS Application Server next but based on the above, I'm doubtful that it would return anything. I also did "Find in Files" on every file on our IT share
- nothing turned up there also.

There are two other tables that mimic the same characteristics - I found them being used in a Custom Folder in Discoverer and have a plan ready for these.




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