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Mystery part 1 solved, mystery part 2 now. Using Procmon (thanks Rich) and Process Explorer (thank you Srabjit) I determined that the TNSPING was going out to one of her network drives to obtain tnsnames.ora file. I deleted that file and then tnsping read the tnsnames.ora file located in the oracle_home/network/admin folder.

So, mystery part 2. Where would oracle maintain that setting to go to that location? Especially after a complete wipe of the Oracle key from local_machine.

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> But I'm seeing no indication in tnsping or such as to WHICH file its going for.

DOes this mean that when you "tnsping" you don't see a message, as Kevin Lange pointed out earlier in this thread, of which parameter file tnsping used to resolve the name?

I'm pretty sure that from 9i onwards you get a display of the parameter file used by tnsping. You certainly do in 10g and 11g.

 > Used parameter files:
 > /u03/home/oracle/product/

Once you have the sqlnet.ora file, you will most likely find the tnsnames.ora file it is using, and if not, you can look inside for more clues.

Alternatively, once you know the sqlnet.ora file, you can set a trace within it so that it will give you more information to go on.

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