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Hey Robert,

> We use IP addresses
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> does the tnsnames.ora have the ip address or the host name.
> if host name check the local hosts file.

The only way to know for sure what it's doing is to actually SEE what it's doing. Grab a copy of the Sysinternals (now owned by MD) Process Monitor from:

There's no install needed. Unzip and run it, filter out as much background noise EXEs (e.g. explorer, virus checker) -- I'd rather do an exclude than an include in case there's some thread/process that may not match the include filter -- and do your tnsping and/or sql*plus check. Stop the data collection in ProcMon and search the results for your tnsnames.ora file. It will show you the exact directories and registry entries that the Oracle Client is looking in.

The tool was vital for me back in a 9iR2 upgrade where someone copied an 8i version of oci.dll into System32 and was overriding the Oracle client home.

HTH! GL! Rich

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