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Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 22:24:48 +0000
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I'm looking for any experience or recommendations related to servers with an underscore in the name and getting them to be properly monitored by EM. Here's a quick rundown of products/versions:

Primary servers are node01,node02,node03,node04,node05,node06 are a 6-node RAC under on RHEL Physical Standby servers are stdbynode01, stdbynode02, stdbynode03, stdbynode04, stdbynode05, stdbynode06 EM agent is

We're creating a 2nd physical standby RAC for a number of systems in another datacenter that have the exact same configuration as above that will also serve as a DR. Being "DR" we though it'd make perfect sense to just name these servers the same as the primary with a "dr_" prefix - dr_node01, dr_node02, ...

It wasn't until after we created these 2nd standbys, got them in sync with the primary (no gap), had agents installed and were checking various details within EM, that we realized the underscore in the server names was an issue. EM Jobs wouldn't work properly and access of certain pages in EM would show up with errors on "drxnode01". Checking with Oracle they reminded us you can't have underscores in the server name. OK, good point and yes that's in the Oracle doc.

Unfortunately we've done this for 3 systems and have 1 to go and it's looking pretty clear we'll have to go the route of renaming all servers in each RAC. I'd rather not have to do this, especially since we'll have to coordinate downtime, maint window, etc., pushing this effort 1 week per system. We were hoping there was some way around the issue but so far no luck. Setting ORACLE_HOSTNAME to the IP didn't work, creating an alias for the servers with the underscore removed (and also updating DNS) didn't work (agent installer checks olsnodes), so we've run out of options.

I know this is a pretty long email but if anyone is still reading this and has run into a similar issue I'd greatly appreciate any help you can provide. Thx.

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