RE: About re-install of Selftestsoftware on another computer

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Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 15:25:36 -0400
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Hi Subodh,

Try to disable the firewall on the desktop. I had something like this before and in my case was working. They had some protection for copyright in place and the firewall is blocking the process. At least this was in my scenario.

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Subject: About re-install of Selftestsoftware on another computer

Hello All,
I just wanted to know, how do I install, execute the selftestsoftware on another machine.

I am sure Somebody must have have faced the same problem and the selftest support has gone crazy..they have not just acknowledged in past 24 hours.

I had purchased this software, software was working fine on the laptop, but just not able to install the self test exam engine on the desktop..

The scenario is like this, earlier I installed this software on a laptop, while returning the laptop to the concerned, I removed the software and now trying to install the software on my desktop but it is not getting installed.

it gives the error that run time error 364, object was not unloaded.

every help will be appreciated..



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