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Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2012 10:37:47 -0700 (PDT)
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So to set up a metric you go to Oracle Database ->monitoring -> metric and collections setting to set up the particular metric i.e transport lag ,apply lag and dataguard status etc
to alert i believe to create a ruleset or add to you existing ruleset. in actions add an event rule select by type and the metric alert and then you can select the appropriate metric(s) you want the event ruleset to be
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Thanks Fuad. Do you have an example of how I can look this up in Cloud Control?

For eg. In a ruleset, I am trying to create a rule to create an incident for transport log apply lag event. How do I go about doing that?


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Both cloud control and grid control
Provide complete dataguard management
Alerts for transport lag apply lag as well as various dataguard specific metric and management are full Exposed to the grid control and cloud control environments


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> I am interested in how you are utilizing Cloud Control 12c for monitoring Data
>Guard replication. For. Eg. I would like to be notified when a standby database
>hasn't caught up to primary with logs or if there is an error in the redo apply.
> If you utilize custom scripts via scheduled jobs, I'd appreciate it if you
>could share that with me.
> Thanks,
> Karthik Ramadoss
> DBA Lead
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