Grid Repository Database Crashed - Job Status shows Stop Pending but not able to Stop or Delete

From: <>
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2012 10:19:26 +0900
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Dear DBAs


        During the week end our production grid repository database crashed and we recovered it.

        It is up and running fine.

        But we are able to see many jobs in status running on the day on which Repository database crashed.

        While check the jobs detailed it shows "Stop Pending and Waiting for Output".

        When trying to stop the Job I am getting "The job execution was stopped successfully. Currently running steps will not be stopped."

        When trying to Delete the Job I am getting following error message and it is deleting the Job

                "The specified job, job run or execution is still active. 
It must finish running, or be stopped before it can be deleted. Filter on status 'Active' to see active executions"
        I tried with both options
                Stop and Delete only this run of job. 
                Stop and Delete all runs of job 

Thanks & Regards
Mudhalvan M.M

Received on Sun Aug 05 2012 - 20:19:26 CDT

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