Re: How to Limit OEM12c user access

From: Guillermo Alan Bort <>
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2012 17:04:43 -0300
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I'm sad to say that the answer to your question is simply "because my boss asked me".
Anyway, I think it is because we want to keep dev access to prod environments to a minimum. And having access to data they don't need is, as a rule, a bad idea.


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> Question, as I'm curious... What is your concern regarding the developers
> viewing this information?
> I can understand and support the idea of removing an option to change db
> parameters or create a user, but viewing? I just don't understand the
> requirement or the need for control...
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> Hi List,
> This question goes to those of you who use OEM12c.
> We have a set of developers that want to access OEM to monitor
> performance in a database. I've found a way to allow them read only access
> to that database and only that database. However they can do things other
> than monitoring performance (like viewing the list of users in the database
> or even spfile parameters).
> I tried creating a user on the DB with this account and I couldn't, but I
> would like to completely remove the options from OEM. I just want them to
> be able to view the performance related tabs.
> Has anybody done something like this?
> Cheers
> Alan.-
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