Re: Use EM 11g Grid Control (or 12c) versus opatch to save time with quarterly PSUs?

From: Gerry Miller <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2012 16:58:32 +1000
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 Hi Niall
With regards to the alert that the blackout has ended, is there any way of overriding it? It is not really an issue for us as our regular outages happenat civilised times, more of an annoyance, so I haven't got around to looking at suppressing it. I suspect from your post that it can't be done.


Gerry Miller

Niall Litchfield wrote: On Jul 20, 2012 7:11 PM, "Michael Schmitt" <>[1] wrote: We have been moving off of EM10g and to EM12c and have been happy with the it. I would recommend the upgrade to EM12c, except there is an issue that causes an alert to get sent out when a blackout ends. That's more than a bit irritating as it affects 11 as well andsuggests that the blackout coders don't really understand what a blackout might be used for. If the surpress getting people out of bed when we know what's happening functionality turns into guarantee to get people out of bed when everything is good again, well the solution will 'lose traction' --[2]

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