SQLLoader, fixed width files and multi byte characters

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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 12:51:38 +0000
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Oracle 11gR2
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.2

HELP !!!!! Just been given an urgent requirement and not got any actual files yet but was wanting to get some groundwork done before they land (100+) The fixed width files will contain UTF-8 data with fixed character (not byte) length fields. The records will therefore be variable byte-width.

This will have German/French characters along with many others (maybe even Japanese and Israeli, I think) as well and was wondering how to deal with it.

DB created with the following CHARACTER SET AL32UTF8 and NATIONAL CHARACTER SET UTF8.

Never done this sort of thing before , always variable length straightforward character sets and I have a very tight deadline. I have tested with some variable length files and had differing results. Seems to load some rows and reject others which seem no different to the ones that loaded when looking at the bad files ?????

I know I could RTFM etc...but some real world examples/hints/tips, anything at all, would be a godsend as I have very tight deadlines


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