Re: Alternatives to OEM Diagnostic/Tuning Packs

From: kyle Hailey <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2012 18:16:03 -0700
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Embarcadero DB Optimizer is a great hands on analysis tool both for performance monitoring and SQL tuning with Visual SQL Tuning (VST). I would only take on an ongoing SQL tuning position if I had DB Optimizer with VST. I use DB Optimizer extensively for monitoring benchmarks as well as running micro-benchmarks. DB Optimizer has facilities for running code by multiple concurrent users.
That being said, stay away from Embarcadero DB Performance Center. Despite some nice things the tool is basically an example of how not to monitor a database - ie lots of statistics presented in an incoherent manner across many pages. It should have been EOL a long time ago.

One of my goals when I was at Embarcadero designing DB Optimizer was to replace Performance Center with DB Optimizer but never had the developer resources to streamline DB Optimizer for 24x7 monitoring. The pieces are there, they just haven't been stitched together nicely. DB Optimizer in theory can also browse an Oracle AWR repository's ASH data. Never tested and it would take some views.

In summary use Confio for 24x7 monitoring, use DB Optimizer for hands on analysis and tuning and especially SQL tuning and keep Toad around for all your administrative stuff.

Crazy that there is no best of breed. I think Quest was going in the right direction at one point but they derailed somewhere along the way. Embarcadero also derailed. Confio is still excited and and passionate about their product.

Feedback encouraged. I'm always interested to know peoples experiences.

DB Optimizer has the fastest ASH and AAS graphs and drill downs that I know of. No install is necessary. Just give point it at a database and give it a system login and go. It's just a faster better performance page that works on Oracle 8-12 , enterprise, standard and other versions as well. The real innovation is the DB Optimizer's Visual SQL Tuning.

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On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 4:33 PM, D Kenl <> wrote:

> Question from a newbie DBA... For cost savings, we're looking at
> purchasing
> a cheaper, alternative product to the OEM Diagnostic/Tuning packs. So far
> I've found the below products that look like they might be possible
> alternatives:
> * Toad Dba Suite for Oracle
> * Embarcadero DB Performance Center XE (with DB Optimizer)
> * Confio Ignite
> * Ion
> Has anyone used these products, and if so, are they sufficient replacements
> for everything you would get from the OEM packs? TIA for any info on this!
> Deborah
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