RE: EM 12c tablular plan on SQL Details scrollable?

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Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2012 10:00:20 -0700 (PDT)
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Dab nab it, take a week's holiday and your name gets bandied about everywhere! :)

AFAIK, there is no patch for this yet (there was an earlier bug like this that was fixed in BP1). Lyall's information is the most current I know of, so if this is causing you specific problems, probably the best thing to do at this stage is to log an SR and ask them to associate the bug number mentioned with it. If it's really problematic, then ask the support rep to escalate the bug.


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I am positive that Pete Sharman would say this has a patch.  It came up in a discussion, may have even been here.  I'd check with MOS, like I said, I believe there is a patch, but I did note that both my new BP1 EM12c environments do have the issue still. Good luck!
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Not sure how to "reply" to an archived thread on the freelists site, but i did find an answer to Rich Jesse's question from last month. From metalink, there's a bug, but hasn't been fixed/tested yet. Nothing has happened since end of April looks like


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*Affects Platforms*Generic
*Product Source*Oracle

Hey all,

In EM 12c, I'm trying to look at an explain plan of a particularly "fun" SQL by selecting the SQL from the Top Activity screen to go to the SQL Details, then choosing the "Plan" tab on the bottom pane, then switching over to the Tabular plan. However, I'm only able to see about 20 lines of any plan -- any more than that and I can see the next 1/2-line or so, but I can't figure out how to scroll the display.

I tried using Firefox 11 and IE 8, even though the Plan display is a Flash app, and as expected, both browsers work the same.

Anyone able to get this to work?



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