Re: Help with Storage Capacity

From: Hans Forbrich <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 13:54:27 -0600
Message-ID: <>

SAN Storage? Of course! It is expensive stuff.

Remember that while the disk drive may cost pennies per gigabyte now, on a SAN we are also paying for the Terabytes of RAM that attempt to get around the hard drive (and RAID 5) limitations, as well as the extra power supplies, the extra shelves, etc etc etc.

Disk IS cheap. Putting it on the SAN, with all the supporting environment, is not cheap.

Which is why it ends up being the DBA's fault. "Why didn't you predict the increase in storage requirements - for YOUR database - 2 years ago so we could budget for the disk???"


On 19/04/2012 12:41 PM, Michael Dinh wrote:
> er, asking for more storage is more difficult than pulling my own teeth.

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