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This response and Hans' response earlier are both good. Also remember to ensure there is enough I/O capacity in the growth plan. In particular, when left in the hands of storage administrators unfamiliar with your needs, they *may* address your storage growth by moving you onto a smaller number of much larger disks. Your storage below could easily fit on a single disk at today's sizes.

It is also worthwhile considering the growth quanta that is easiest to incorporate in a running system. Often that is a full new tray in a SAN, for example.



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        Someone would need to do disk usage forecasting based on historical data. The request for adding/dropping disk space should be based on the results of the above mentioned forecast in conjunction with the estimate of how much disk space would be needed to accommodate "non-typical" future usage. The person in charge should be actively involved with the business to figure out those "non-typical" changes (things like rapid product/geographic expansion, exit from markets, etc) - no formula or process would be able to get that information for him/her.

        I personally use simple linear regression for forecasting, but I am sure there are many other good methods. If you use Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), you can check my presentation
- to see
how I do it. Please note that you can use those techniques to forecast file system sizes as well.

Iordan Iotzov

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We have a database server with one of the largest and fastest growing customer.
Here is the current size of the database server.

What process do you have to decide when to add more storage? Do you have to request for more storage or does the sysadmin monitors the server and add accordingly?

I am trying to understand what processes are out there. Thanks.

Wed Apr 18 16:15:01 PDT 2012

Filesystem             size   used  avail capacity  Mounted on
/                      998G   818G   178G    83%    /

Michael Dinh


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