Re: Advanced Compression Option and dbconsole

From: Job Miller <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 06:38:01 -0700 (PDT)
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 Bug 11902142 - Exclude default users for Feature usage tracking for Advanced Compression option

 From: De DBA <>
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Subject: Advanced Compression Option and dbconsole  


I am sure this has been discussed before, but I can't seem to hit on the search term that will retrieve the answer... :(

The issue is, I've been asked to create a few Oracle databases with dbconsole enabled. The sysman schema that is installed as part of the database console contains two tables, MGMT_POLICIES and MGMT_METRICS that have compression enabled and will trigger a detected usage of the HeapCompression feature in the DBA_FEATURES_USAGE_STATISTICS view.

I've checked, and, all versions have it. My issue is now: do I by installing the dbconsole expose my clients to additional Oracle lincesing claims? Is the Advanced Compression Option required to run dbconsole?

I would ideally like a published Oracle note that stipulates that these two tables are excluded from the licensing requirement. The licensing guide that is included in the database documentation set is inconclusive.

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