Re: Increasing row retrieving speed via net8

From: GG <>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 17:19:17 +0200
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W dniu 2012-04-16 15:21, Tanel Poder pisze:
> So, I'm still not fully convinced that this is an application side
> contention issue - it might well be, but some apps just work that way. As I
> wrote previously, increasing the arraysize would probably be the best way
> to get extra throughput out of a single connection (or just use multiple
> connections as that gave you the aggregate throughput you needed).

Ok, I got Your point . Talking about array size its somehow fixed at 136 , I havent found a place to change that yet . Going back to scalability , how do You expain such case:

When I separatelly run pmdtm binary I can easy scale to number of that execs x 30k rows per sec each .
But when doing that 'inside' one pmdtm via parallel threads I can go for: 2x 30k rows per sec for parallel = 2
but only
4x 15k for parallel = 4

so its not scalling well even when Im quering different partitions . But still not sure why I cant saturate 100Mbit eth with one net8 session . Regards

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