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One last point, as my recent blunder with the Socket vs Processor. I reached out to the Oracle Senior Director of Product Management on the SE issue. Here is his response:

" At this point there is no plans to support SE on the ODA.

Note you can re-image the system with Linux and install SE. You loose the ODA features of easy support, easy patching, and sub-capacity licensing (maybe not important for socket-based pricing SE). What you end up with is a generic white box server running Oracle software--this is supported. However, without the value of the appliance manager (patching and support), I'm not sure this is compelling."

So you can run SE on this box however it seems pointless.


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Hi Hans
I'm still quietly hoping they can relax their stance, sooner rather than later... but perhaps you're right in that we're not their "target market".

OTOH, PAYG is one of their selling points !

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On 1 March 2012 03:37, Hans Forbrich <> wrote:

> On 29/02/2012 3:43 AM, ~Jeff~ wrote:
> > hey all
> > We have just ruled out ODA as a replacement for a single-server, 40-odd
> db
> > setup because of:
> With ODA, you are not buying a general purpose computer on which you can
> pay-as-you-grow license Oracle database.
> With ODA, you are buying an appliance. A plug-it-in toaster that pops
> up data, and happens to use Oracle RDBMS as the current engine.
> From that point of view, you - based on your analysis - do not fit the
> target demographic. Nothing wrong with that.
> /Hans
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