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I just checked the numbers and I came out with different values than Niall (details below, maybe I made some different assumptions), but still the same conclusion - you could save a lot of money by running Standard Edition on similar hardware if you don't really need the Enterprise Edition features, but if you do need EE, then the ODA looks like a reasonable value.


Details (scroll down for references):

Looking at the current U.S. price list it shows Oracle Standard Edition is $17,500 per processor and if we use the .5 multi-core factor given for the Intel 56XX series, then that means the total would be $17,500 x 12 if you ran a similar custom built machine with 24 cores. That comes out to $210,000, which equals 132,191 if Google's calculator is correct.

The cost for Oracle EE is $47,500/CPU + $23,000/CPU for RAC so if you multiply that out across 12 cores after the .5 multi-core factor it comes to $846,000 (which equals 532,544). The price for the ODA "Large" configuration with RAC across all 24 cores is $896,000, so it looks like they are charging $50,000 for the hardware, pre-installation, Appliance Manager and whatever other extras are included. It looks like they still charge extra for the management packs though if you want to add those.


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> Also, from licensing point of view, you pay as you grow. You can start
> with licensing 2 cores and then as you need you can license more.
> Miximum is 24 cores.

This is probably my biggest beef with the whole setup. If you build an equivalent system yourself (and I'll take Oracle's word for it that their hardware pricing is pretty good) then the cost of licensing SE which allows you RAC and the full power of the box is in English money a shade over 50k. The price of licensing the required software for a 2 core per node ODA is by my reckoning 2CPU licenses of EE and RAC which comes in at, er just under 100k. To use all the cores *like you would in the roll your own system* would cost the best part of 400k. The triple redundancy means that you are limiting the database and recovery area (assuming they are on the same appliance) to 4tb which is pushing, but not unreasonable for, SE.


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