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Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 15:10:25 -0800 (PST)
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For RAC environement with BOC SCN, the 'log file sync' time involves two pieces:  'redo write time' and 'redo write broadcast ack time'

A description of the life cycle of 'log file sync' wait :
1. A user sessions issues a commit or rollback and starts waiting on log file sync.
2. LGWR gather redo information to be written to redo log files, issues IO and queues BOC to an LMS process and posts LMS process.
3. LGWR waits for redo buffers to be flushed to disk and SCN to be ACK'd
4. Completion of IO and receiving ACK from LMS signal write complete. LGWR then posts foreground process to continue.
5. Foreground process wakes up and log file sync wait ends.


You can check the AWR or v$SYSSTAT for the following stat names. DBspeed is more easy to examin how their values change over a time frame.
'AWR instance & service statistics' section, 'AWR instance activity statistics by stat name' report

redo write broadcast ack count  -  Number of times a commit broadcast acknowledgment has not been received by the time when the corresponding log write is completed. redo write broadcast ack time -  Total amount of the latency associated with broadcast on commit beyond the latency of the log write (in microseconds). redo write time -  Total elapsed time of the write from the redo log buffer to the current redo log file in 10s of milliseconds redo size   -  Total amount of redo generated in bytes

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