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Hi Ingrid,
Thanks for the quick response, this is very helpful. Is there a further subdivision on UNIX?

Could you please point me to this presentation if it's public?

Thanks and Best Regards,
Betty Huang

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according to a 2011 DOAG presentation:
53% of all OTN downloads (of the database server) are Windows, 26% Unix, 19% Linux.

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On 21.02.2012 01:48, wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Yesterday, I've got a question from someone: what's the percentage of
> different OS platforms Oracle runs on? Like about what percentage
> Oracle runs on Linux, what percentage on HP-UX, etc... he needs a
> rough statistics.
> I googled and only find this one:
> It says that in IOUG 2006 Oracle survey, Solaris is the most popular
> one, following Windows and Linux, then HP-UX, then AIX. Since this
> survey is quite old, I'd like to ask if anyone happened to have some
> updated information about this?
> Thanks for your time!
> Thanks and Best Regards, Betty
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