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Look at DBA_Objects.Created and Last_DDL_Time for that Partition and see if either or both were during the time of interest. That would at least confirm or deny that a DDL operation occurred. If Created was during the time, I'd bet on a Partition Exchange, though I don't have a table handy that I can check.

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Subject:        Partition exchange
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In an ebiz environment, we have hit ora-8103 for a particular plsql program
and while debugging it, I found note 1326404.1. The note says this "This problem is caused by the underlying partitioning exchange, which can lead to change in the ROWID for the records in any of the queried tables."

I think the tables involved are wf_user_role_assignments and wf_user_roles.
How do I know if a partition exchange has been done at the time the custom plsql program run? This was not done manually by us (partition exchange).

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