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Yes, once you set the compatible parameter to 11g, you cannot downgrade it back to 10g as control files get updated, i had the same issue hence had to do a complete restore as application team wanted to downgrade the database after upgrade.

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 10:12 PM, Michael Dinh <> wrote:
> From my understanding, once you set compatible, there's no undo.
> Hence, if you have multiple databases, I would think setting compatible to the lowest version.
> If you are 110% sure the database will be isolated, then safe to set compatible to
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> Good day list,
> Very recently we have upgraded our 10gR2 ( databases to 11gr2 and
> applied latest PSU patch ( However, for some concerns, the
> COMPATIBLE parameter value was kept to Now we need to change the
> COMPATIBLE parameter value reflecting to 11gR2. Therefore, I need an advice
> over setting the parameter to 11.2.0 OR What are the pros and
> cons do you foresee.
> Thanks in advance.
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