Re: Updatable column - index column consideration

From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2012 22:34:09 -0000
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Look at function-based indexes. One based on value P, one on value C. Exclude the H rows since it's a waste to index them.

Change the code to use the function-based indexes, and make sure that you have designed indexes to support the "most recent job id" subquery properly.


Jonathan Lewis
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I have a huge table say 50 million rows.It has a status_flag column and it's values are 'H' and 'C'.
Everyday,a job inserts ~85000 rows into this table with a status_flag='P' and at the end of proceesing the batch job,the status_flag is gettin updated from 'P' to 'C' and the previous day's rows(identified by jobid) are updated from 'C' to 'H'.

Since this column status_flag is getting updated and volatile in nature,is it recommended not to index this column??

There are few other SELECT statements using status_flag as one their predicates.


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