Re: EM database control question

From: Radoulov, Dimitre <>
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2012 22:47:42 +0100
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On 07/02/2012 22:24, Maureen English wrote:
> Isn't there a way to have just one instance of EM database control running on a
> machine, using port 1158, but then be able to monitor any database from that one
> instance?

The official documentation states the following::

OracleŽ Enterprise Manager Concepts
11g Release

6 Database Management

Database Control Versus Grid Control

Enterprise Manager provides two separate consoles that you can use to monitor your database: Database Control and Grid Control.

     Database Control is the Enterprise Manager Web-based application for managing Oracle Database 11g Release 1 (11.1) and later. Database Control is installed and available with every Oracle Database 11g installation. From Database Control, you can monitor and administer a single Oracle Database instance or a clustered database.

     Grid Control is the Enterprise Manager console you use to centrally manage your entire Oracle environment. Within Grid Control, you access the multiple database targets using the Targets tab, then Databases.



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