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From: John Thomas <>
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2011 21:35:40 +0000
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I'm going over to <> from
now on. Hopefully from the beginning of February I'll start to see a better experience. The HTML version is more tolerable than the Flash version anyway.
I wonder if the rewrite can do away with problems like:
  1. SR allocated to another follow-the-sun site so they always miss my responses and I always missed theirs;
  2. Total failure to understand what the problem is - e.g. referring an SR to a fulfilment department to ship DVDs when what was required was verification that firewall detection of vulnerabilities in download of Enterprise Edition DB software was something that could safely be ignored;
  3. Response so slow to "Priority Handling" Sev 2 SRs I wanted to talk to a lawyer about remedies for non-fulfilment of contractual agreements.

(I hope the rewrite can help. With support like this, the market for Oracle database has to be badly damaged sooner or later.)


John Thomas

On 28 December 2011 03:36, De DBA <> wrote:

> On 24/12/11 03:24, Guillermo Alan Bort wrote:
> > Hey Look! they are supporting Firefox 3.5... I think FF is in version 8
> > now... should be fun :D
> > from the features
> 9.0.1 and vividly discussing "introducing" a stable version that will be
> around for more than a couple of days :-\ Apparently that'll be 10, due
> out next week or so..
> Tony
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