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Take a look at the Oracle package calibrate_io to get a rough sense of your i/o capabilities. I think it is standard in 11.1 onwards.

For RAC, just a quick list of things to check-

  1. RAC interconnect is properly tuned (jumbo frames turned on, MTU=9000)
  2. INITRANS - ITL on tables and indexes properly set for objects with high concurrency.
  3. Sequences have cache settings properly set
  4. make sure RedHat has its network settings properly allocated (via /etc/sysctl.conf)

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Subject: Performance - quick question

We are using RAC 11gR2 under Redhat Linux 5 (4 nodes). We are in the process of testing the performance of our system before pushing it to production.

Application team will inject load testing and we take the decision to consider the database servers are highly loaded when the CPU usage of DB server will be 70% of usage (this is just a number we decided (DB team) ).

We need to collect from database side some metrics like Storage IOPS (Read + Write) and TPS so then we can say; For this number of transactions / seconds we reached this number of IOPS storage. so we will have an idea of the performance limit our system can reach (baseline).

I believe these metrics can be found in AWR reports, right? Any idea of the way to get them calculated? Please share your experience,this is the first time, I do it.



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