rac reboots

From: ed lewis <eglewis71_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2011 08:37:27 -0500
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    I have some questions in regard to a reboot of a rac node.     In our environment, when a normal shutdown of a cluster node is done, I do not shut down anything beforehand. I feel that the scripts executed in /etc/rc directories will handle the shutdown and startups. I also think that the scripts will do this in a logical, and safe manner. I have yet to see otherwise.

In a normal system shutdown/reboot , is it necessary to manually shut down any of the oracle components: CRS, ASM and the database ?

Outside of the shutdown/startup scripts in /etc/rc that are provided with a cluster install, should any other scripts be implemented, or will the scripts provided be enough ?

I appreciate your input.


Solaris 10

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