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From: Johnson, William L (TEIS) <"Johnson,>
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2011 13:46:35 -0500
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I am having sporadic problems with a Solaris 10 database server running on a ZFS file system. Every once in a while, a simple OS command like "ls -al" in a directory with 10-20 files will hang for more than 1 minute. I was able to use the truss command to finally capture one of the incidents where the "ls -al" command took over 1 minute. The unfortunate thing is that the truss output wasn't able to capture where the wait occurred. I am now moving on to dtrace - but wow...I am really hoping that someone on the list has had prior experience and wouldn't mind sharing a script or two that they have used to capture information where os commands are hanging trying to access the disk subsystem. Maybe event a good url reference that won't take me a day to read through... I did check the freelists archive and did not have a lot of luck. Some of the url references no longer exist since<> now redirects to

I am sure I can read manuals and figure this out over the next couple of days....but I was really hoping someone wouldn't mind sharing some of their experiences.

Thanks in advance!

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