Need advice on dbms_stats.FLUSH_DATABASE_MONITORING_INFO();

From: Shastry(DBA) <"Shastry>
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2011 17:55:28 +0530
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Hi Gurus,
One of my apps user is faced the problem as the 'USER_TAB_MODIFICATIONS' table is not giving the list of partition names when they are trying to analyze the partitions.

They are requesting whether the following code to be used is useful:


As flushing the database monitoring info in the database level will internally updates the table level modified info in
 Can the "dbms_stats.FLUSH_DATABASE_MONITORING_INFO();" is used in their jobs, if it is used does it creates any performance issues, since it is flushing the entire database monitoring info? Can the ANALYZE_ANY system privilege be given to execute from other non-sys/system privileged schemas

4) Do we have any other table option in Oracle 11g to use, instead of 'USER_TAB_MODIFICATIONS' which will support the requirement?

Need your advice


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