RE: Slow GC response for x64 bit 2008

From: Mark W. Farnham <>
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2011 08:22:28 -0500
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I'd start with divide and conquer regarding where in the stack the long elapsed time is.

If you open a command window and use ping you should be able to do a traceroute to see if the network is going some stupid way to your targets. If you examine the objects on each displayed page, can you verify you're not reloading wallpaper, logos, or pictures from a remote source?

Is there anything funky about the DNS and/or security on W2008 (haven't had the displeasure yet) that might be taking a long time to resolve?

22 seconds is approximately forever, but not failing, so I think we're looking for some strange latency here.

Is it possible W2008R2 is trying to refresh the whole network topology for the workgroup, or something like that?

Good luck.

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Afternoon all,
I've been working with Oracle on an issue rendering of the target homepage in grid control for 3, x64bit boxes running 64bit W2008R2. But, since its Pri4, I should hear from them in the next 30 days or so.

I'm running GC 11 on W2008 x32. I have 22 targets. Two of my targets are x32bit. A W2003 x32 running 32bit os and my GC box that is running W2008 x32 bit OS on a x64bit hardware. Rendering these Host target homepages takes about 1.2 seconds. My other 3 boxes are all W2008R2 x64 on 64bit Dell Powedges. When I click on the link for their Host homepage, its takes 22 seconds to render.

I have looked through every log that I can find but can find no errors. I installed the agent on a 64 bit workstation running Windows7 64bit and it works just fine. Renders in about a second.

Once suggestion I got from another DBA was that I was in Demo mode vice Production on Weblogic. I reset and rebooted that so it is now in production mode.

But, I can't find any reason as to why the render takes so long on these boxes.

Anyone run up against this or have a thought? (lol moving to linux is not an option).


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