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Yes, I have seen that before, (more than once), and it is frustrating because you second guess. A really good one is when you get asked a question on an OCP exam, and you know you have a situation that fits more than one answer... but you only get one :) (the right one of course).

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Sven writes:

> Did anyone heard from Oracle Training On Demand? See

I had my company purchase an Oracle CBT for one of the "New Features" courses -- 9i or 10g, I forget which. Going through the material, there were one or two items that were flat out incorrect. That's really inexcusable for training materials at this level.

To their credit, Oracle Corp was very interested in my feedback, offered a full refund, and adamant that it would be corrected. But I have to admit the experience has made me more than a little hesitant to purchase another CBT. The content on your web link does pique my interest though.

On the other hand, I've had very positive experiences with instructor-led training in the past. I'm not entirely sold on the more recent emphasis on the GUIfication of some of the DBA tasks, but that's another thread...




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