Re: creating db using dbca not seeing pop-up screens

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Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2011 07:02:31 +0530
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I had faced a weird issue something like this with dbca. I used VNC to login to terminal server and then used putty with Xming to launch dbca. Everything went done but I did not get the final 'finish' button. I used Xmanager to complete the activity then and even now we are using it.



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Hi list,

This is a little bit weird issue, I’m creating a database using dbca through VNC, using auto resolution (max colors) and everything seems to be working fine, I can see main screens normally, but when I need to open pop-up screens like (initialization parameters) I can only see the gray square but not the content inside, I think it has to be with some VNC configuration, but not being able to find it. Have you ever seen this? Any idea how to solve it?


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Subject: creating db using dbca not seeing pop-up screens

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