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From: Kellyn Pot'vin <>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 08:30:57 -0800 (PST)
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I am running EM12c in production and in parallel with my EM10g version now.  We've been testing our advanced notification code and outside of a few required changes, it appears to be working quite well.  The SQL Monitoring is most likely my favorite new feature, as this gives you the "just the facts" view that includes quick information about what is executing, what degree of parallelism and waits from one, simple interface.  The new dynamic deployment for the agent is an added bonus, no downtime. The guys have complained about the change in commands for the actual OMS, (no more opmnctl, only emctl and the directories have changed significantly...) but I feel it makes more sense now, it's just updating what we've become accustomed to... :) I was quite impressed with the time many took to blog about the topic, making it very easy for me to install, configure and avoid issues that may have occurred otherwise. All in all, EM12c gets a solid and positive review from me.  It's been running like a champ, (now that I'm done trying to force it to break!:))  
Kellyn Pot'Vin
Sr. Database Administrator and Developer

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Subject: OEM 12c !  

Hello all,
Just was browsing oracle site for OEM and other such tools and came across the info that OEM 12c.

in downloads this is available at following link.. of course linux version is available

can somebody put some more light on this...installation experience

thanks and and take care...subodh



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