Re: DBPITR with incremental level 1 backup

From: Ingrid Voigt <>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 18:39:07 +0100
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for a point in time recovery you need

- a level 0 backup as a foundation 
- optional: a level 1 backup on top
- all archivelogs from the beginning of the previous backup 
to the target time (either as backup or on the server).

In your case you have the level 0 from Sunday, the level 1 from Monday, but no archivelog backups between Monday and Tuesday morning. So, unless you keep the necessary archivelogs on the server, this recovery is going to fail.

BTW, it is a high-risk strategy not to keep some redundant backups on file or tape. One does not always notice if a tape is broken...

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> Hello
> I have a question that is not enough clear for me reading the manuals.
> I do a Level 0 backup on Sunday and then a incremental level 1 from monday
> to saturday.
> Also i make 1 normal archive backup every day at lunch time, that do a
> delete backup of archivelog until time sysdate-1
> If for example some user delete a table on tuesday morning, and we notice
> it on friday, will we able to do a database incomplete recovery to tuesday
> morning using the level 1 backups?
> Or the delete of the archive backup will make us unable to do it, cause it
> have already deleted the old archive backup?
> Thanks
> --

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