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From: Gerry Miller <>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 06:22:50 +1000
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Thanks Joel. Are those databases on the same server, or at least on the same Solaris version? It could be either the database release or the OS version that is at fault.[1] wrote: column value format 999999999999.999999999999 I get 4 zeroes before the decimal on 251290000.000000000000 I get 0 zeroes before decimal on 56729894.000000000000 Joel Patterson Database Administrator 904 727-2546 -----Original Message----- From:[2] [[3]] On Behalf Of Gerry Miller Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2011 4:13 AM To:[4] Cc: Oracle-L Group Subject: Re: CPU rounding Hi I hate to bang on about this but I am no nearer to a solution. We have 3 Solaris 10 boxes running Enterprise Edition and the problem exists on all 3 and I would like to ask anyone with the same configuration out there to run: SELECT value FROM v$sess_time_model WHERE stat_name = 'DB CPU'; and tell me if the results are rounded to centiseconds, that is, all end with 4 zeroes. Thanks Gerry Gerry Miller wrote: Hi, Can any one help me get to the bottom of this? We have two Solaris servers one hosting Oracle 10.1 and the other 11.2. The CPU stats on the 11g box are rounded to centiseconds while on 10g they are inmicroseconds:Example: In 11g: select value from v$sys_time_model where stat_name = 'DB CPU'; VALUE ----------- 27089090000 In 10g: select value fromv$sys_time_model where stat_name = 'DB CPU'; VALUE ------------- 1373214613234 It is the same in v$sess_time_model and I suspect it is an OS setting that isat the root of the issue. Regards Gerry Miller --[5] --[6] --[7] 

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