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Just trying to answer your basic questions 1-4 :

  1. If the process/connection isn't dropped then memory is not released to the OS. This is expected behavior of the Oracle RDBMS. Since you use WL with pooled connections then chances are they are perpetual in nature and as such no memory will be released until WL is restarted.
  2. Whether it's efficient or not depends on your particular situation. If you have lots of WL processes that request a DB handle, do a little SQL, then release the handle then it's very efficient because the alternative is to create a new connection every time and that would kill all scalability of your application both on the app server and the db server.
  3. The sessions are inactive in oracle because most of the time no WL process has requested and use the connections from the pool. This is expected and normal behavior. If any given WL server has 30 connections to the database but under normal load only 3 processes at a time use a handle then 27 will be marked as inactive in oracle. Under heavy load you may see 25 or all 30 connections in use and you have to size the pool for this load because otherwise you have waiting on the app server under this load.
  4. Is there a question in there? :) The answer is the same as #1 because the question is the same.

In general I hate monitors that check for server memory and server CPU. It is good to collect the stats so you can graph and trend it but as alerts they are mostly useless. If your CPU alert goes off and you go check what's going on you'll find a bunch of db processes doing their thing. Most of the time all you can do is shrug and say "yeah the app is putting a heavy load on the db. Not too much I can do about it.". Unless of course you find a run away process but in my experience most of the time you can't fix it. Same thing for the memory monitor which just causes you to do a lot of work and ask questions like below. You can't fix it. It is what it is.


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Hi Friends,

Environment : Solaris 10 , oracle

We have our production databases monitored by the BMC portal application. We often get alerts and warnings on free memory on the server. Say my server has 24 GB physical memory, we will get an alert when it comes down 2.4GB which is 10%.

We troubleshoot this starting with vmstat command and we can see the 'free' part in vmstat do report a value less than 3 GB. This server is part of a two node rac which hosts two databases. If I do a ps command sort on pmem I can see that the processes consuming most memory ( which has pmem field , which is a ratio as 4 - 5 ) are oracle server processes ( oracle<ORACLE_SID>(LOCAL=NO)). Now IF I check what these processes are doing I can see that these are coming from jdbc thin client ( yes, we use weblogic). Most of these sessions coming top in ps command are now INACTIVE. So my understanding is that these are app server connections which were once took for doing something and later released to connection pool. The question here are

  1. Why memory taken by these processes ( of course from PGA ) are not released to OS after use.
  2. I understand this is default weblogic behavior of keeping connections in pool and use them when they need. But considering memory associated with these are still not released to OS , is this an efficient way ?
  3. If I check the wait event of these INACTIVE sessions they have ' SQL Net wait '. Again , is this a good behavior from weblogic ?
  4. I have also run Tanel's procmm and noticed the Anon memory almost equals to 'PGA used by this session' from v$sesstat which again confirms that 'unused memory' ( once used) is still associated with the process.

I would like to get help from experts who might have already thought about this and will have answer to my questions, which in a way may not e relevant.

PS : I already have an SR open for which I did not get a proper response.

Best Regards,
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