Re: Migration from SQL Server to Oracle database

From: Martin Berger <>
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2011 07:55:22 +0100
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have you ever thought about Transparent Gateway? [1] I would try to do the DDLs via any tool like SQLDeveloper - probably they can use some hand-made modifications. As SQL Server differs from Oracle in features and weaknesses, it's worth to think about changes of physical parameters of the objects.



On Sat, Nov 12, 2011 at 03:34, Krishna <> wrote:

> I have got 2 questions:
> 1. We are planning to convert our OLTP sql server databases to oracle
> databases. I tried using SQL Developer to migrate a small sql server
> database to oracle database(size 5Gb). It was fine. when I tried to migrate
> another database(size 90G), it is taking too long. The problem with sql
> developer is I cannot choose and pick tables. out of 250 tables, I need to
> migrate abt 80 tables(size will be abt 50G). can anybody share their
> experiences, if any, in converting medium size sql server databases to
> oracle databases? any others options??
> 2. I am planning to convert sql server ddl to oracle ddl. I am testing bcp
> out and use sql loader to import the data. Right now, I am manually
> creating oracle tables from sql server tables. I am using
> to
> convert the code. Are there any other better ways to convert sql server
> DDL to Oracle DDL?
> Thanks in advance
> krishna
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