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Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2011 18:08:19 +0000
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But Don, as you can see in my post the ability to drop is not connected to the ability to create. I created a table in my test schema as system but i could drop it as my user; its a subtle difference as there is no record that SYSTEM created it other than mining or audit if enabled but its still a difference.



Don Granaman wrote:
> Yes. If he can create them, he can drop them. There is no simple declarative way to restrict a user's privilege on his own objects.
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> No difference.
> On the other hand, can a user drop tables in his own schema without the
> drop table privilege?
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> It comes from role CONNECT, and the reason is compatibility with Oracle
> 5, when CONNECT was a privilege and not a role (roles and privileges
> were introduced with Oracle 6).
> Actually, it comes from the combination of CONNECT (which grants CREATE
> TABLE) with the unlimited quota (which gives the "physical possibility"
> of using the system privilege).
> Grant CREATE SESSION instead of CONNECT. No need for quotas.
> Oh, and RESOURCE is even worse ....


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