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:) I had an SR drag on for a year making Grid completely self maintaining. During the course somewhere it appears to me that an entire app server group specializes in this area, (AS being a bit of overkill for smaller shops). But the analyst does not necessarily reassign the SR to this 'other group', like it was Peoplesoft or something. So an analyst is available that does not know how to do these things, and I guess consulted once in awhile -- anyway there is a lot to it, and a year is a long time.

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I feel your pain. I opened an SR with Support on 11g Grid Control. I specifically put in the SR that the 10g resolution doesn't work for GC 11gR1.

The tech assigned to the SR sends me a Doc to follow which I can't even view on Metalink. I don't know if it doesn't exist or what [yes, I've searched "All Sources"].

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