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From: mek s <>
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 12:54:37 +0100
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Database version: Cluster database OS : redhat Linux.

We are using Incremental updated backups to backup the RAC database. We daily backup the database on disk and then copy the backup sets to tape. we are using this RMAN command to backup to tape;

My question is; giving we are using backup copies (Incremental Updated backups), is it correct to use "backup backupset all ..." to backup the copies to the tape or should we use another command like for example "backup backup copies all ..." ?

run {

allocate channel t1_tape_backup type 'SBT_TAPE' ;


###backup device type sbt_tape backupset all; backup backupset all NOT BACKED UP since time 'SYSDATE-2';

# Switch current logfile to archive

#Backup archive logs directly to tape and leave on disk backup archivelog all not backed up since time 'SYSDATE-2';

release channel t1_tape_backup;}

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