Re: Can't get INSERT /*+ APPEND */ to indicate direct load in execution plan.....

From: Greg Rahn <>
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2011 07:47:36 -0700
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The way to tell if the insert is using PDML or not is by the placement of the LOAD row source: If it is above the PX COORDINATOR line, its all done by the QC. If below the PX COORDINATOR row source, its done by the PX servers. SQL Monitor will show this nicely on the Parallel tab, just expand the tree/nodes and look at the amount of work done.

On Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 12:38 AM, Radoulov, Dimitre <> wrote:
> Thanks Greg,
> could you please clarify the following:
>>> It's still using PX ...
> Yes, I see that parallel execution is involved.
> I wanted to know if the *insert* part of the statement
> was executed in parallel and where is the evidence for that.
> I believe that only the select part execution mode is visible
> in the plan output, but I may be wrong, of course.
> My point was that as far as Mark's first mail is concerned,
> we see that conventional load is used, but we can only guess
> if the insert into table TEST is in serial mode or not,
> am I missing something?
> Regards
> Dimitre
> On Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 7:58 AM, Greg Rahn <> wrote:
>> The reason you see the NO_PARALLEL in the outline because you have not
>> calibrated your IO for auto DOP to work as shown by the Notes section.
>>  After doing so you should see the SHARED directive show up in its
>> place.  It's still using PX and you can see this from looking at
>> v$pq_tqstat from the same session you ran the query.  One can also
>> look at the SQL Monitor Report as well.
>> Using scott.emp might be a poor example because there is only 1
>> granule for the table scan so only 1 PX server gets work.

Greg Rahn
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