RE: CREATE DATABASE LINK privilege discussion

From: David Robillard <>
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2011 13:34:59 -0400
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Hi Chris, Alan,

> I effectively slapped him with a large trout when I told him he was acting like my 14 year old...

lol ! I really love this large trout approach. Thanks guys :)

Chris, as Alan wrote, this new project has Oracle Streams written all over it. Or Golden Gate if you have licenses for it.

> after he criticized me through IM because he *assumed* I removed his privs, when in fact he missed a grant -
> I also felt the need to point out to him the reason his process broke was because he failed to identify the grants he needed.
> Needless to say, that has *not* helped the situation.

Why am I not surprised? :)

> Funny thing is, I've already mentioned replicating the data into both DEV & PROD so he has access to it.
> (We have a dev db that gets rebuilt from prod every weekend).
> That way the data would always exist in prod and he would always have access to it in the refreshed dev instance.
> Of course, that suggestion hasn't gotten any traction.

Humm, then you next move is probably a political one. Because this IS the best approach for everyone. But then, who ever said comon sense prevailed?

Good luck,


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>> Just a crazy thought, but if he ABSOLUTELY NEEDS THE DATA, you can set up some from of replication (if it's a single table AQ or Streams could work, GG if you have the license) and let him work off a replica of the data. Probably he needs a subset of tables and not the entire prod database. That way you remove the need for him to use db links, you come out as "solution oriented" and you get those dirty, dirty DB links off your prod database.
>> That, or slap the developer with a large trout... your call.
>> Cheers and HTH
>> Alan.-

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